Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Poem of the week 8: The super rich AREN'T RICH ENOUGH

The super-rich ARE N'T RICH ENOUGH!
It's tragic but it's true!
The poor things need financial help
From folks like me and you.
This is the truth they tell us
(It would break a heart of stone!)
From the television stations and
The newspapers they own.
And some have even said aloud
(Oh woe and lack-a-day!)
That if we do not pay them more
They'll up and go away.

And what's the cause of all their woe?
The reason clear of course is
That the stingy, mingy, grasping poor
Are stealing their resources!

The super rich are feeling poor!
To make their wealth much surer.
All sound men say, the only way
Is make the poor much poorer.

So reach into your pockets
Pay up, and never fuss.
For if the super rich are poor,
What hope is there for us!


Well not a word of this is true
There'd be no tears of sorrow
If each one of the super rich
Should quietly die tomorrow.
We'll always have the super rich, but here, oh here's the curse
That if we purge this super rich, the next lot may be worse.

                                                              Nick Mellersh 2008 & 2915

With the election coming up I thought it was time for a political poem.  So here it is. 

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