Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Poem a week 6: Un-holy Awful Week

Picture of Christ in the wilderness by Stanley Spencer
 It's going to be an awful week. Look at the calendar.

Sunday: Ride on donkey while crowds shout "Go on! Fight and defeat the world's biggest army".

Monday: Kick out the cheats from the temple and get cursed for doing it.

Tuesday: Try to teach but get interrupted by tiresome fanatical Pharisees asking me trick questions.

Wednesday: Same as Tuesday. Then, at night, sweat blood praying we might find another way.

Thursday: Supper with supporters. Nice, but most don't understand me and one plots to betray me. Arrested on my midnight walk.

Friday: Whipped, hauled in front of the Roman governor, crucified.

Saturday: Wrestle with the devil in hell, or so the myth-makers say.

Sunday: Come back alive. I hope. They'll be talking about it in two thousand years if I'm right. But sometimes I think maybe I'm not.

It's going to be an unholy awful week.

However you think of it, holy week, the week of Jesus's crucifixion, changed the history of the world and it all happened in eight days. Since then all history has been coloured by the events of that week. I never know what to think about it.  Do you?

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