Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Poem of the week 7: 10% Extra FREE!

Yes sister! Yes brothers! You're the lucky one, it's yours ! 10% Extra - FREE!
Of what? Chocolate Buttons?” No better! “Luxury Body wash?” No better still.
Whisky? Champagne?? COCAINE!??!!” No better yet!
Ten percent more of life! Yes sisters, brothers that's what you've been given.
Ten percent (maybe more) Ten percent extra years and days,
Ten percent more than ever our grandparents had.
It's almost certain to be true for you, and I'm the same.
It's yours, it's ours. 10% extra days all FREE!!!

How should we spend them then?

There is no doubting how we should spend them.
Spend them in joy, rejoicing in the world we're lucky that we live in.
Spend them in wisdom, teaching the little we have learned,
Spend them in dance and feasting
Spend them in love.

But sadly most of us will spend them as we spent
That other ninety odd percent that wasn't FREE or EXTRA -
Spend them in getting by, complaining now and then
And sitting down.

Well let's try for the first choice. I'll try. You try too.
Nick Mellersh 2015

Well there was a big spike in the readership for Nigel Pascoe's reading of "This England" which went up last week. It's good, so take a look and a listen. There'll be more from Nigel soon.  Meanwhile here is one of mine I quite like.  Maybe I'm getting a bit preachy in my old age but it still seems quite fun.  Anyway hope you like it.

 And talking of ebooks we've settled on three covers for the three first world war books of my dad's.  More about them on the  ebooks page - click on the ebook tab at the top or click here.

PS: We've got a new logo for Njeanius productions.  More of that next week

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