Sunday, May 10, 2015

Poem of the week 9: Silly Rhyme Season

Ye anglo-indian poet challenge

A Rhyme for Rabindaranat Tagore

If  you want to hinder a gnat before

It bites and stings.

Hit it with the complete poetical works of Rabindarat Tagor

And squash its wings.

and IF you are ready, a rhyme for Rudyard Kipling

If you can ride a bike, with mudguard rippling

While writing poems that keep in perfect time,

Why, you're a poet, good as Rudyard Kipling

And, what is more, you've mastered silly rhyme.

In an election result caused in no small measure by last week's poem on behalf of the super rich, their party has triumphed again in the English election, Oh bother! Who would have thought this blog was so influential? Anyway it is time to go off in a huff and talk about something entirely irrelevant like silly rhymes. 
Lying in bed one night in a school in Bataha India (click here to learn about it. It's really interesting!) I started wondering if I could find a rhyme for Rabindarnat Tagore. It was easier than I thought.
Buoyed by this I spent the rest of the night tyying it with Rudyard Kipling. He ho for silly rhymes!! I love them!

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