Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Poem of the week: How Freya became the world's best football player

This is the story of a girl named Freya
Who became the world's best football player.
It all began as a sort of mistake
When her mother baked her a beautiful cake.
She was almost eight and for her birthday you see,
There were eight sugar fairies playing under a tree.
Each one was lovely, but best of all
Was the one who was running and kicking a ball.

Her birthday party came and, out of control,
Freya grabbed that fairy and swallowed her whole!
The next thing that happened was really frightening
Freya was struck by a bolt of lightening.
And everyone said “How good and speedy!
It serves Freya right for being so greedy.”
But Freya stood up, not dead at all
And said “I really must kick a ball.”
She ran to the garden as quick as quick
Found a ball and gave it a terrific kick.
It went through the walls, it was kicked so hard
And knocked the top of the London Shard
And traveled, at twice the speed of sound,
And landed in Arsenal's football ground.

Arsene Wenger said “I must have that player.
There's a name on the ball and the name is Freya.”
They found her and taught her to head and pass 'n all
And soon she was in the first team at Arsenal.

The other team laughed at the big surprise,
She was eight, and a girl, and was half their size.
Their captain said “Go easy on her mate”
But Freya had the ball and then it was too late.

She dribbled round the captain, quick and neat,
Ran through his legs and round his feet,
She jumped over his head and the crowd all roared
Freya gave a kick and Hooray!, she scored.
And she scored and scored and went on until
Her team was winning 50 nil.
The other team soon forgot their sneers
And every one of them left in tears.

After that Freya was a huge sensation
She was in all the papers throughout the nation
And her playing career went up and up
Till she played for England in the big World Cup.

They were playing the final against Brazil
There was a minute to go and the score nil – nil.
And the crowd was shouting to every player
"Pass the ball, pass the ball, pass it to Freya!!"
She got it with only ten seconds to go,
How she ran so fast we will never know.
She made each man look like a silly one
As she dribbled through the legs of every Brazilian.
Then she kicked with all of her heart and soul
And it broke the net of the Brazilian goal.

The crowd all cheered and every player
Was shouting “Hooray! Hooray for Freya”
There were fireworks and music. It was quite as scene
As she took the World Cup from the Queen.
There were shouts and cheers and a great big fuss
And she rode at the front of an open-topped bus.

Now each team in the world are wanting Freya
'Cos she is the world's best football player.
They said to her “Freya, see how this sounds,
We want to give you ten gazillion pounds.”

But Freya said “No that's not for me
I want to go home to my Mum's for tea.”

And so she did.

Nick Mellersh 2016 The quick sketches by Jeanie see her blog at where she puts up a nude drawing most weeks

Happy new year to you all.  Hope you are happy with the change from the serious to the ridiculous.  That's how life is it seems to me.  Nick

PPS: Went to see this great film last night written and directed by my God-daughter's husband.  It's real fun and we hope it will go far see

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