Sunday, January 31, 2016

Is it true our pretty Christmas story?

And is it true

Our pretty Christmas story?

No never true, for it is more than true
The heart leaps at it.
It is a doorway into joy that each of us can enter.

The angels singing. Surely we hear that whisper when a baby's born.

The ox and ass bowing their heads.
It's right, for every child knows that in some ways,
The beasts see more than we do.

Then come the curious, shepherds and wise men,
The peasants and the sages both knowing
That something very new is here.

And last those two who haunted the doorways of the synagogues.
Anna and Simeon
Suddenly their doubt has ended
It's come what they'd been waiting for.

And was it like the pictures in our minds
An English landscape, snow, Mary a pure bred Anglo Saxon,
The baby blue eyed?

No it was not. But that's no matter.
No matter how we see it, it can be our way
to see that God is in this fearful world and cares for it.
For this is more than truth. It is a doorway into joy.
This Christmas let us go through the doorway.
Nick Mellersh 2016

Today (Sunday Jan 31) is Candlemass  the last act in the nativity story. When two strange prophets Simeon and Anna tell Mary that her son is something very amazing.  Heaven knows what Mary thought.  Weren't the angels enough without having two eccentric old pensioners disrupt the Christening?  Anyway here's a holy poem to mark the end of this Christmas.  I hope it makes you think.

The work on the ebooks continues and we are making good progress on Illustrated Fluteplaying as an ebook.

As ever there is a new set of drawings on the sister blog currently showing "A nude a week", well almost every week anyway.  See

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