Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The TRUE BELIEFS of left and right


Jeremy Corbyn is quite absorbed in

The new found joys of adulation.
It's wonderful fun for Jeremy
But no fun for the nation.

For though very good at talk-ery
He's very bad at do-ery
It's pretty plain he couldn't run
A piss up in a brewery.

Oh, his fans all think him saintly
And as a martyr clothe him.
While anyone who's worked with him
Has swiftly learned to loathe him.

And so the left is forced to tell
This very silly story
That anyone who disagrees
Is traitor, rat, or Tory.

And now the people on the right
Determined more to vex it.
Are branding all as traitorous
Who do not worship Brexit.

And me? I despair.
     Nick Mellersh 2016

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