Thursday, October 15, 2015

War Poets 4: A moving reading of "The General" by Siegfried Sassoon

If the video does not play on your device you can see it on YouTube if you click here.

 This is Sassoon's "General"again.  It has been beautifully read by my friend Nigel Pascoe  so I am not apologetic about it being on the blog the time before last..  It's an impressive poem and an impressive reading too. 

My father H E L Mellersh fought in the war near Fricourt on the Western Front a few miles from where Sassoon also fought.  

NEWS! My father's two books about his World War I experiences along with his book on the life of Siegfried Sassoon have been published as ebooks in the last few days.  So now you can buy them at a fiver a time they are well worth a read.
The covers for the newly published e-books.  Jeanie Mellersh designed the covers.
Learn more at
 Nigel Pascoe, reader of the poem in the video, has a lot of poetry readings on the net.  He will be reading more by Sassoon and some by Wilfred Owen on this blog soon. If you would like to hear more of Nigel's readings, visit

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