Friday, August 7, 2015

Poem of the week 12: More silly rhymes - Druskininskai and budgerigar

A pilot from Druskininskai
Lost his girlfriend and started to cry.
I said "If I were you-ski
You'd do what I do-ski
Just have a good screw-ski 'n fly."

Druskininskai is a spa town in Lithuania where I taught English once for a few weeks.  Probably writing this was a way I occupied a sleepless night.  Anyway not a bad rhyme I thought. 

Do you know any favoutie silly rhymes or maybe you wish to challenge me with another word to waste a sleepless night of rhyme searching. Here's one I wrote ages ago when someone on the telly was challenged for a rhyme for" budgerigar."  My solution was

Teaching a parrot to say "pretty Poly"
Is often dull and never jolly.
But one thing is far worse drudgery - far
It's trying to teach a budgerigar.

And talking of ebooks, which we weren't, my dad's first world war books will be published in the next few weeks.  If you are a World War I buff search the ebook or Kindle store for H E L Mellersh.  They are a really interesting set of books by someone who fought on the Western Front as a young man.

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